'...as one small candle may light a thousand,

so the light here kindled hath shone unto many...''

 William Bradford





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The Mayflower Pilgrim Museum at the Retford Hub closed in 2021 having told the story of the Pilgrims from Nottinghamshire for the 4 years prior to the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower.


The Museum told the story of ordinary people who did an extraordinary thing that changed the world. 


The Bassetlaw Museum in Retford has a room dedicated to the story of the Pilgrims and is a 'must see' for visitors to our area wishing to explore the Pilgrim trail.


See our private tour for International visitors looking to trace the roots of the Pilgrim Fathers and discover the historic central England including Robin Hood country. This tour can be started in London. >>>







From the sleepy villages around North Nottinghamshire the Mayflower Pilgrims risked their lives to stand up for freedom of the people against State and Church. They created the 'Separatist' movement leading the infamous 'Mayflower' journey to the birth of Modern Day America, their actions resulting in the American Constitution, free elections, American Thanksgiving and the English Civil War.





What the Mayflower Pilgrims did ultimately resulted in the British Legal System, human rights, the 'American dream' and freedom for all.





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