'...as one small candle may light a thousand,

so the light here kindled hath shone unto many...''

 William Bradford



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In 1582 Richard Clyfton became parson at the small village of Babworth in North Nottinghamshire and preached new ideas about freedom and religion that were at odds with tradition and the oppressive State. His reputation grew and, with support from William Brewster his congregation expanded in nearby Scrooby, a group now called Separatists. In 1606, fearing for their lives, with over 50 members they escaped from England to Holland, where they continued their work. They published information on their beliefs for distribution throughout England, this put them at odds with the rulers and particularly the King.


Ultimately they again had to flee for their lives, this time to the ultimate holiday destination, America.


Some of the group in Holland eventually returned to Noiinghamshire and started the Baptists, and nearly every english speaking, non-conformist Christian church can trace its origins to the religious triangle of Notts- Lincs - Yorks.


The museum tells the story of the times, who they were, what happened and why. It has a collection of artefacts from previous anniversaries, bibles, books and other historic material.




Our Story

The Centre is run  entirely by volunteers with the aim of telling the story of the Pilgrim Fathers. We are a not for profit organisation.


The Mayflower Pilgrim Visitor Centre and Museum was started  opened in May 2017 in Retford. It is the first Museum dedicated to the Pilgrim Fathers who originated in North Nottinghamshire.



The Centre was opened by John Handley, Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council.




John Mann, M.P., was in attendance, together with Madeline Richardson, Mayor of Bassetlaw and many other Councillors, local dignitaries and project supporters.


The Centre was built by a team of local volunteers, organised by the Retford Hub. We are grateful to Richard Copely Bains  who provided invaluable support and information and also Adrian Gray, Sue Allan, Rick Brand and Anna Scott.






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